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Ada grundkurs

Företagsinternt. 4 eller 5 dagar
Pris 19 500 kr.

Ada fortsättningskurs

Företagsinternt, 3 dagar
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Lewis Gray: Professionell systemutveckling

One day:    Models-Based Software Project Planning (course description) Presents project planning using the influential models of software activities in the ISO 9000 series, the SEI SW-CMM®, and IEEE/EIA 12207. Includes the SEI's technology transition model (TXM) for planning and managing technology change. A course that relates software process improvement to the use of software standards. 
Two days IEEE/EIA 12207 Complete (course description) Presents IEEE/EIA 12207, the sophisticated industry implementation of ISO/IEC 12207. This course explains all seventeen software life cycle processes plus tailoring. You will not find a better course or instructor on this standard.
One day:     Introducing New Software Technology (course description)Basic training for change agents. This workshop on planning and managing technology change is based on SEI's technology transition model (TXM). Since change is unavoidable, every software technology change agent should attend this. Take a course earlier in the week, then participate in this workshop to learn how to implement the practices in the earlier course. Only Abelia is authorized to present this workshop outside the SEI.

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